Worship in the Waves

Everyone had gone. Even my husband had left to run an errand and I sat alone in my hospital bed. My heart and mind were too full to think clearly – but my soul longed to declare and remember truth. I gathered the strength to hobble over to the bedside couch (which my husband claimed as his bed) where a borrowed guitar was left for us to use. The songs flowed. If anyone heard my shaky voice they would not have been able to understand, but I did, and He did. And that was enough. 

“As the sun begins to rise in that moment You are God,
In the darkness of the night, even then You are God.
In the dust, in the heights you remain You are God,
Give me breath and give me life and I will say – You are God.” 
– In Every Way By Christy Nockels 

There is a reason the Word is described as a double-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12-13). It defines what is true in your soul and in mine. The Word brings definition to what truth is in that moment. And in that moment sometimes all you know how to do is sing truth with tears choking every word. This is freedom. When all round you is screaming “WHAT HAPPENED?!” – The rock of Jesus Christ never changes. He remains your life, even when the wave of your circumstances have pummeled you to the ground and left you in shock.

Song unto the Lord is not meant to be complicated, perfect, or systematic. You don’t have to have the gift of music to declare truth. You don’t have to have an elegant arrangement to come before the throne. You also don’t need it to fit a certain way or style. All you need is the truth. That truth leads you into the depths of your security – relationship with God Almighty. This flows naturally though thanksgiving, praise, declaration, and quiet rest. His word is not merely for theology and study – it becomes a practical TOOL that becomes a shield from the lies, fears, and doubts that cloud our human weaknesses through a truth-filled melody! Though I am no expert of music or any sort of worship leader – I am as a Christian, a worshipper. Every situation that is laid before me is an opportunity to see it in light of God’s truth and to declare that truth in the face of it. Believers are called believers for a reason. We believe. When things are happy and when things are hard. 

Songs are what you could call an object lesson of God’s nature. A creative, beautiful display of showing off who God is both though words and through melody. We are the one’s whose lives are the platform for such an object lesson to mean anything! And may God gain glory through the platform of your life. So sing dear brother and sister! Sing when you are afraid and sing when you are overwhelmed. Sing when you can’t think and sing when you have too much emotionally to handle. Sing the truth as loudly as it takes for your soul to be reminded of who your God is. And in that place, He will be faithful to remind you.  He is clarity in the fog and gives us songs of worship and praise from the Word to see the light in darkness.

My heart cried out in that hospital room with confusion of my situation having just said goodbye to my daughter – who died in my arms. What I needed in that moment was not an answer or another option … I needed a rock. And this was the nature of my Rock that I sang from my wobbly voice:  

“I know you do all things well… I know you do all things well…I know you do all things well…” 

Believe it. Sing it. Declare it. He does ALL things well. Continually –  return to the rock

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