A Chance to Sit

“Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:38b-42

There is something SO satisfying in coming to the end of a long, full day with a checklist finished. I admit – it is one of my favorite feelings! I love dropping into my bed exhausted, feeling the accomplishment of productivity. In fact, one of my greatest joys is welcoming my husband home from his work and telling him all of my work that I had accomplished in the day!

I also admit that when my days are empty, with little to accomplish and much to wish for… I drive myself crazy! I also drive my husband crazy and probably my daughter too as she doesn’t like to be with an unmotivated mother either. Those days are easily open for complaining, bickering and stress. All because I don’t feel purpose in my day with the lack of something to “do”. I know my weakness and have been pressed and exhorted to see God’s higher purpose for these kinds of longer days. I know others can relate. Especially now as our entire nation has banned us from “doing” anything unnecessarily.

This may affect everyone a little differently. Some have been sent home from their jobs, and some are lacking their social activities. Some are doing school online in their bedroom, and some are not allowed to travel for overseas missions. Some are held from going into public altogether or having that daily gospel interaction with their co-workers. All are restricted from going to church. All are not allowed to pursue missional opportunities that involve the public… how can this be biblical or good as a believer in Jesus?!

Can I encourage and remind you of your PRIMARY goal in life today? “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.” (Matthew 22:37) Here is the test of our soul. Do we see something to DO for God as more important than knowing Him and loving Him? This commandment is FIRST for a reason. Martha thought that she was doing the “more holy thing” because she was serving her master, but Jesus corrects her. He points her to Mary who chooses to sit, chooses to gaze, and chooses to love. This same Mary later breaks her most precious possession over Jesus’ feet in the deepest act of love for her Lord. I wonder if she hadn’t been sitting and gazing at Him before, would she have had her heart in the right place to spill her whole livelihood over His feet later.

Remember what your life is about in these times of quiet. Knowing our Lord and being SO enthralled with His person is never wasted. It is as if you are pouring out your livelihood at his feet. Your livelihood might not be precious perfume, but it may be your job or your friends or your mission field. And though it might seem backward – these things take second place to your relationship with Jesus. This means that if you come to the end of each day knowing Him and loving Him a little deeper and a little more – YOU HAVE BEEN A FAITHFUL SERVANT. That is our goal.

When we see the face of Jesus one day, He won’t be saying “My good and productive servant” or “My good and missional servant”. No. He says “My good and FAITHFUL servant”. Will we love Him and know Him and give ourselves to Him till the day comes when He arrives to take us to be with Him? Let us use this time to invest our hearts, souls, minds and strength (because it will take all our strength to sit) and dwell on Jesus. Sit my brother or sister. Sit at His feet and listen! Revel in His word, listen to His truth, abide in prayer. Walk in thanksgiving! Rejoice with songs of praise! Invest in your relationship. This could perhaps be the most precious honeymoon with Jesus that you may ever get the chance to have – and by doing so you are walking in obedience.

It is the times like these that prepare us for the second commandment. To love our neighbors as ourselves. From the work inside flows a work outside. May we be prepared with this opportunity to sit to continue to love the world as He has loved us.

One thought on “A Chance to Sit

  1. Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak truth to you which in turn you are speaking to us who are feeling isolated and without purpose at this time of isolation from the world. How wonderful to bathe in His loving presence and be comforted and led to new inspirations that He puts on our hearts. How many lives can we touch if we are only obedient helping other to see His great love for them. Thank You Emily for letting the Lord use you so mightily. You are one of God’s precious jewels.


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