The Beatitudes Part 3

The Meek

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

The meek will inherit the earth. Yet they are not Napoleon or Alexander the Great. Those great warriors of old who took upon themselves to overcome kingdoms and take over nations by pushing their agendas to the max limit! Wouldn’t that be the definition of inheriting the earth? So why does Jesus say that when we are meek, we shall inherit the earth?

Meek, at first glance, seems rather sheepish. Quiet, shy or describing someone with a weak inability to speak up for themselves. But this is not the definition of meek. It’s actually the same Greek word that is used to describe Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem sitting on a donkey. It was humble. Not flashy, pushy, or gaudy. It is also the same Greek word that 1 Peter exhorts women to be known by. Their “gentle” (meek) and quiet spirit which is of great value to God. These examples in Scripture are anything but sheepish.

How is it that Jesus (God Almighty in human form) could walk into the city of Jerusalem listening to the shouts of “Hosanna!” (God saves) and not just take it all in for Himself? He was expected to deliver the Jews from their bondage from Rome… in the form of meekness? They WANTED an Alexander the Great! How is it that this world tells women that their identity is found in their specific style, creativity, or body in order to have any value? You have to push yourself and your agenda to be known and adored. Yet in God’s sight being humble and not gaudy is of great value? Both scenarios seem a little backwards to the eyes of man.

Our identity, our instruction, and our worth come not from the crowds cheering hosanna’s. Nether does it come from our clothing, the style of life we choose, or the weight on the scale. As C.S. Lewis puts it “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” Jesus’ identity was set. He didn’t need to ride in to Jerusalem with horns and a gusto of pomp! He was doing what the Father instructed him to do, by humbly offering Himself to a lost people. We as Christians do not need to be promoting ourselves as if we have something to prove outside of Christ. We don’t. Our identities are SECURE. But that security comes straight from the throne room of grace. Meekness is a beautiful fruit that proves your chosen place of rest in your God.

May we be a people who are not looking to promote ourselves.
May we be a people who do all that we do for Another’s glory!
May we be a people who confidently rest in our citizenship of heaven.

For it is the MEEK who shall inherit the earth. Why? Because we are first and foremost God’s! And all of life comes from, through and to Him.

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