The Beatitudes Part 2

Those Who Mourn

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

Recently our daughter’s revised due date came and went. She would have been born at 34 weeks gestation through induction to give her the optimal chance of survival due to her rare diagnosis. However, instead of entering into a physical labor on her due date… I entered an emotional labor. Also known as mourning. She was born 11 weeks ago which was far too early to even hope for treatment.

Though your situation may consist of different circumstances, if this topic in the Beatitudes applies to you in anyway, you are feeling a deep, empty hole in your life. The preciousness of this section of scripture is that Jesus is speaking to you. You who have a hole. The hole of loss. The hole of formerly possessing and now – not.

What is boggling about His words are the way He describes your situation. “Blessed” means “happy”. Now, if you are like me – I would not consider “happy” to be the greatest way to describe someone who is mourning. In fact, it is the exact opposite. And that was purposeful on Jesus’ part. See, the sermon on the mount is full of concepts and instruction that seem a bit backwards in our minds. But they are there for a reason. To cause you to wonder. To cause you to question what He really means. And what does He really mean?

Why would someone like me or you who have a deep emotional hole be happy? Well the answer is simple. Jesus says this backwards statement to lead you to Himself. He presents a need (mourning) and a result (happy) that only He can answer. He is the key. He wants you who have a need to be filled and since He knows happiness is found no where but Himself, these words are to prod you to Himself. And friends, don’t shrug off His words. He presents you a way, a fulfillment to your need by asking you to look for it. He knows that only those who want it will find it. He knows that the proud of heart will not take the time to seek Him out and find the true key to their longing. But happy are you who are humble (perhaps because of your deep hole) because it is only you who will find answer to your need.

Oh you are happy! Oh you are blessed! For only you who have humbled themselves before God can find the answer. Truly the answer is what our souls long for! Our emotional holes of loss are completely filled by the person of Jesus Christ. Happy are those who mourn. Take advantage of your loss by finding Jesus in the midst of such deep pain. You are blessed.

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