Is Jesus Enough?

Is Jesus enough?
My soul cries aloud
In the dark? In the tough?
When I can’t see past cloud?

Is Jesus enough?
Can I trust him going forward?
Will the waters stay rough?
Will we make it shoreward?

Is Jesus enough?
I awake day to day
Continual burdens of stuff
On Him can I lay?

What do you mean?
Remember my soul!
On God we have leaned
Father is His role

There has never been lack
Only daily trust
His nature is fact
Look at Him you must!

Jesus is enough
For even every trial
Ignore the tempter’s bluff
It’s finished, the extra mile

Jesus is enough
Impossible is his game
Don’t you know that he is buff?
KING of kings is His name

Jesus is enough
Cling to Him, my dear
His promise is not fluff
He says that “I am here”

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