Precious. That which is of such great value. What you cherish above all other things. What do I cling to? There are so few things that I call precious in my own life. My wife. My daughters. My family and church body. But most of all and above all… Jesus.

Some may wonder why we started writing this blog. You may wonder why we have written the way we have. The answer is simple. Jesus is precious to us. We do not just see Him as valuable and useful in our life. He is the very essence of our life. He IS our life. We cling to Him with everything we have. And when the going gets tough, we cling harder.

When I have difficult times, I lean on my wife. In trials, we pull closer together. It is the same Jesus to a far greater degree. You may wonder why we are holding so tightly to the God who allowed this to happen to us. The answer: He is all we have. Where else would we go? He is the foundation of life. He is the source of truth. If we do not hold to Him, we are absolutely lost.

So in the midst of the pain, the suffering and the big changes ahead, our precious Jesus remains our anchor. Our life is bound up in Him. We cannot let go.

Here is the greater reality. He is holding us. We are kept by Him. He loves us and holds us far more than we could ever do for Him. So believer, in the middle of your darkest day, hold onto Jesus. Treasure Him and remember He holds you far tighter. Unbeliever, today is the day. Go to Him. He will not cast you out. Let Him be your everything. He alone can be your greatest treasure. He alone can be your life!

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