Not Panic, Peace

“The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.”
– Corrie Ten Boom

The point that Corrie Ten Boom is trying to make is not that when you are doing what God wants you to do, safety and prosperity will follow. Far from it. The reality of what she is saying is referring to much more of a spiritual truth than a physical one. When God put her in a concentration camp and let her sister and father die in the process, it wasn’t the promise of safety that held Corrie up. It was the person of Jesus. She learned through this very unsafe circumstance that God’s purpose and desire was still able to be accomplished. I don’t know how many women came to the Lord through Betsy and Corrie, but it was beautiful. God used the greatest pain of Corrie’s life to be the most powerful picture of love and the gospel to millions of people later on.

Alex and I are resting in such peace. The peace that comes when you know what you are doing is what God wants you to do. No, we’d never ask for such a hard road, but there is such security in knowing that where you go, God is with you.

When I was 19, I felt called to go live in Haiti and support a ministry working with orphans that was in the process of falling apart. Having walked through that kind of ministry experience in previous years, I felt the Lord clearly giving me grace to support some weary missionaries. I have never known such joy and peace as I did during that extremely stretching situation.

We lived in a building beside the orphanage that only had electricity for 3 hours a day when a generator would be turned on. Our only water source was about 50 yards from the house. In order to do dishes, take showers and mop floors, we had to pull, by hand, a 5 gallon bucket of water out of the well (we needed 5-8 of these per day). Toilets would be flushed with a 5 gallon bucket every few days since there was no plumbing and our showers were with a cup out of a bucket. The best way to stay cool at night was to lay your sheet on the bare tile floor under your mosquito net and hope the giant tree rats don’t get curious. The ants would only bother if we didn’t mop every day – so there was a lot of mopping! We lived this way for 6 months.

All that to say – there was nothing in the world that made this new way of life a drudge. God had clearly put me there to serve and love the missionaries and it all became more of an adventure to see what else we could do with nothing. I remember sitting on the roof of our little missionary house looking up at the stars in WONDER of how God had SO clearly put me RIGHT there. There was so much peace and rest, knowing it was exactly where God wanted me.

Here we are, 7 years later, husband and wife looking at the task ahead and I think we feel even more so, at peace. The road is daunting and in our strength it won’t be done well – but He is our strength and He will lead us to what will give Him the most glory. In our first treatment for baby Anna, it’s really terrifying having a 13 inch long needle stuck into your stomach. Feeling your uterus contract from the intrusion is not pleasant. But in the midst of it, what kept my mind focused was the reality that God has lead us to this point and I don’t doubt His ways. I trust that whatever He leads us into, it is for His story and glory to be known!

We hope and pray that as we fix our eyes on Jesus, you too would be pressed to surrender your life to Him in deeper ways. Do you trust His ways? Can He gain glory not only from your joy but also your pain? This is our goal. With God, we are not shaken.

2 thoughts on “Not Panic, Peace

    1. My dear brother and sister, It is a great privilege and honor to be able to come alongside you in prayer. Your posts and sharing are so beautiful and edifying! Thank you for the beautiful gift of your sharing as you travel on this arduous path, fighting for beloved baby Anna’s most precious life, with the joy of knowing that you are truly in His will.


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