One Step at a Time

Life has dramatically changed in one week. Alex and I have been in a season of working full time, doing school online, and doing family life and ministry along with those for about 2 years now. It’s been a season that has been testing us more than most other seasons due to giving up the active ministry role we had living in India. In addition to that, we were trying to finish a degree at the same time as doing life. We have tried to move (in and out of state) probably 4 times in the last 2 years but the Lord has kept us right here. We never understood why and – now we do.

What we are about to step into (what we discussed with 5-7 specialists on Monday) is life-altering, and it is so obvious that God has set us up for it. Where we thought we wanted a home with a mortgage, He said “no.” Where we wanted to be done with Alex’s school and already be working as a teacher, He said “no.” Where we wanted to move out of state and do more hands on ministry elsewhere, He said “no.” Feeling a little stuck and unsure of why we were still where we were – we waited for His instruction. And this week He has answered all our wonderings.

We will likely be moving to Denver. The care that is available for Anna is only offered in 2-3 hospitals currently, and one of them happens to be Colorado Children’s (1 hour from us). We have no contract where we live now. Alex is not in a teaching contract committed to students in north Colorado, and we have flexible job possibilities. There is SO much that would have been SO hard to detangle from if we had been at any other stage in life. As it is, we can pick up and go.

What we will do and when is an unknown. This story will be full of unknowns. We humans like to have a plan and a goal for where we want to be in the future, but this treatment for Anna cannot look that way. It could consist of having a procedure done 2-3 times a week that puts a replacement for amniotic fluid into her gestational sack until she is a big enough size to be delivered and put straight onto dialysis. If she can get that far, she would be on dialysis till she is a weight that is big enough to have a kidney transplant (between 2-3 years). It will be a slow, step by step process. Each are critical. Each will take a miracle to pass holding onto life. We can’t look to the end as our goal right now. Just the first step.

So here is our first step. We will be scheduling our first amniofusion (where they insert saline solution into my womb to help her organs have space to grow) as soon as possible. This first one (potentially the first out of 35) will determine if we are even allowed to continue. They will be taking some cells from my womb in this process and running diagnostic tests on it to make sure Anna has no chromosomal abnormalities. If she is found with any – no hospital will allow us to undergo these available interventions.

We are praying she has perfect genetics so that we can even have the opportunity to fight for this life! If there is a genetic issue, it will take us down a path that we will have to rethink everything once again. This is where we need your prayers first. That we would be given the chance to fight for her life! If her weight doesn’t grow or her genetics show abnormal, we can’t fight in the way that will save life. Pray for these two things in the next few weeks!

After this point we will know more clearly of practical steps like moving to Denver, finding a new job and looking for housing options. Until we know more – we pray. It is so clear God has put us on this path and we want to go as far as we possibly can! He is in control and we trust Him.

Thank you for reading and joining us in this path!

5 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. I experienced a pregnancy like this many years ago, so I WAIT and PRAY with you!


  2. Praying with you dear Alex & Emily. Praying for Anna’s most precious life and for the glory of our Lord to be made manifest in and through you. Your sharing in each post is deeply edifying and beautiful. May the Lord shower His grace upon you as you continue to step out in faith, one step at a time as you have so beautifully said.


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