“Aim for heaven and you get earth thrown in, aim for earth and you get neither.” C.S. Lewis

We’ll be honest. This blog really has nothing to do with homemaking. You won’t find a woman’s expert opinion of the “top 10 ways to have the modern minimalist farm house dream“, though those kind of blogs are intriguing and certainly not bad, we don’t want to give the wrong impression. This blog is meant to speak to the heart of every human (male and female) who are made to create, beautify, strengthen, store up and work diligently! We are humans, given life in order to reflect and glorify God. We do this primarily through what we invest most of our time into.

What you will find here is the way both a man and a woman learn as they desire to see Christ fill all areas of life. From brushing our teeth to talking with co-workers, from changing diapers to doing dishes – all have purpose when done in light of eternity. We hope that the things we learn and share with you in daily life will press you on to look more deeply to Christ in every area of your life too. He is our goal.

Homemaking in Heaven is really just a glorified way of saying “building up treasure in heaven instead of earth” (Matthew 6:21). It’s a phrase that reminds us to to put our hearts not on things of this earth but to look to Christ for our satisfaction and fulfillment. We are not extremists who believe money is bad or that having a home and financial security is unspiritual. It merely is a reminder to our hearts to be set on things of God and not on our all too natural longing for earthly security.

With that we both welcome you to this journey of looking to Jesus in all areas! It could include missions, mothering, fiber optics, friendship making, stories of the past or wonderings of the future – but all with one point. To gain Christ. To be identified by Him alone.

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